Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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We are just about at the half way point to the big day. I cannot believe time has gone so fast. It seems like just yesterday we got engaged and now its been almost 6 months.

A lot has changed since then, including my idea of a fairy tale wedding. At first I wanted a huge wedding in a huge chapel with a huge guest list. Well not only did my budget prevent that, but I have come to the realization that a big wedding with people I haven't spoken to in years was never for me anyways.

Our wedding will consist of our close friends and family at a beautiful venue. The ceremony will take place outside on a deck overlooking a small waterfall.

 We'll get the whole grounds to ourselves for the entire day. While our photographer is taking pictures of us as a married couple, our guests will be able to hang out on the veranda, enjoying appetizers and drinks. Our reception will have food, drinking and dancing. By the time the reception starts, I imagine I'll be too tired to think straight let alone notice the beautiful chandeliers, our black table cloths with red rose petals spread about, our beautiful flower centerpieces or the neatly folded red napkins.

But it will be beautiful.

And I cannot wait.


Amy said...

wow time flies! Your wedding sounds like it's going to be amazing!!

Thisisme. said...

Can't believe that six months has gone by since you started talking about the wedding. Frightening really, isn't it?! What you have planned sounds just beautiful and I know that you will both have a wonderful day.

Kayla Sue said...

I have always been a fan of small, intimate weddings vs huge weddings with lots of guests. Your big day sounds like it will be lovely. :)