The Engagement Story

We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous morning on Friday  (Friday the 13th might I add) and decided we would check out the Maid of the Mist.
We got very lucky with missing crowds the entire vacation and the Maid was no exception. We only waited ten minutes before we got on the boat and made our way to the falls. It was freezing and really windy and really wet but it was amazing. A site that cannot be explained with words.

Feeling pretty freaking giddy about the whole thing, we got off the boat, took some pictures of ourselves in our ponchos and determined that we were hungry.

From the very start of vacation planning, I insisted that we just HAD to check out the Top of the Falls Restaurant.

Right behind where I stood to take this photo was the waterfall. Amazing view.

To get to the restaurant, you have to walk across Goat Island which is beautiful. It has trails that lead you right down to the falls.

Looks like you are pretty much in the water! And that bridge you see in the background? That's the bridge to Canada. But we couldn't go across because we didn't have passports. Boo. upon walking to the restaurant, we happen upon a little trail off of the path that led right down to the water that was getting ready to go over the falls.

That's Boyfriend Fiance (that's going to take some getting use to), checking out the rapids. BUT! He was actually plotting!

I turned around to look at the water and watch it rush passed us. Then I turned around and he was on one knee.

It took my breath and I stared at him. He smiled and said, "Will you marry me?"

And I said squealed, "Are you serious?"

He nodded his head and then I started jumping up and down saying "Yes, Yes, Yes" over and over again.

Then we kissed. Then we hugged. And then we cried.

It was truly perfect.

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