Thursday, June 2, 2011

Slightly more relaxed

I know I keep saying how stressful wedding planning is, but apparently, I'm a pretty kick ass wedding planner. Everyone keeps telling me that I could have my wedding this fall with how fast I've done everything.

Yay me.

Still, we will wait until Spring.

I have decided on the Waterfall Inn. As soon as I read your comments and especially Skippy Mom's comment about us getting engaged at a waterfall, so we should get married at one, too, my mind was made up. And seriously, that connection NEVER dawned on me. I'm an idiot sometimes.

So for some exciting news. My first dress appointment is this Saturday at 10:00!! And then I meet with a NEW salon who will do our hair on the day of the wedding for only $20 more dollars than the other place. And last night, I met with a DJ who just moved here from Kentucky and is trying to start a new client list and since I'm her first client in WV, she is only charging me $300 as opposed to the normal $650 rate that every DJ around here likes to charge.

But, you know me, always the skeptical. I got references from her and I get to see her in action this Saturday night. If we like her, we're signing the contract.

Oh and remember the photos I showed you on Jumble Mash? Yeah, well the guy that took them and was supposed to give me 120 photos of us, up and moved to freakin' New York. I have no idea when we will get those photos...if ever. But that does give us excuse to have another engagement shoot.

Look at me looking on the bright side.

I can say that I am much much happier now that we decided on the Waterfall Inn. I am positive about the decision and I absolutely love the place. I can't wait until you guys can see some pictures!


Amy said...

Awwww yay! I'm so glad you decided to go for the Waterfall Inn - and I never made the connection either - that makes PERFECT sense!!

You're so on fire!!! My best friend's brother got engaged in February...wait March 2010 and married end of July 2010 and apparently it was an amazing wedding - talk about speedy planning!!!

SkippyMom said...

Wow, and that is why I thought you had picked the Waterfall Inn. giggle

I am so tickled you did decide on it tho'. It sounds so lovely and the woman that runs the place is a gift. :)

When I married Pooldad it was an incredibly small affair, but we found out on a Friday that we could be married the following Monday. And we got it done. Not the big she-bang you are having [our second marriages afterall] but to be honest I wouldn't trade that day for anything in the world - because sixteen years later he STILL makes my heart skip a beat when he walks in the door, every phone call brings a smile and I am proud to have that pretty gold band on my finger.

And on a personal opinion note - sorry about the engagement picture guy, but I have a tendency to like non professional photos for those - have a friend with a decent digital camera take you to the park and go for it. Take a bazillion - you are sure to get something worthy for the newspapers and your scrapbook.

I know it is a once in a lifetime moment, but not everything has to be so planned or professional. Sometimes spontaneity is the order of the day.

[Sorry, didn't I say I wasn't giving advice? :running off now:]

But not before I repeat - VERY excited for you. :D

lyndylou said...

so chuffed that you went for the Waterfall Inn. Great choice.

steph c said...

Hooray!! And wow, I never put the waterfall thing together, but it's too perfect!! So glad you chose it!!!

I'm amazed at how quickly you're getting everything together, and at the prices you're getting them at. This will be a piece of cake for you :)

Thisisme. said...

Good old SkippyMom! Isn't she brilliant! Yay, for the waterfall venue. It will be wonderful my friend. My goodness, things are moving at a very fast pace over there!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that things are happening so well. God definitely is helping you find all these wonderful people!

I'm praying for you and fiance!