Monday, June 6, 2011

What a weekend!

  • Had all the bridesmaids over
  • Ate too much pizza
  • Had margaritas that were way too strong
  • Picked out shoes and jewelry for the girls
  • Decided on which bridesmaids dresses we like
  • Tried to work with everyone's schedule to go shopping
  • Still working on that
  • Told my little sister that I wanted her to be my maid of honor
  • Woke up way too early
  • Met up with my mom, Fiance's mom, BFF and little sis.
  • Went dress shopping!
  • Tried on 15 dresses and became discouraged
  • Not because I didn't like them
  • I liked them all
  • Was ready to give up
  • Store owner came over and told me to try on one more before I left
  • Tried on the dress she picked out
  • It was THE dress
  • I cried
  • Fought with the consultant because she made me take it off
  • Made up with the consultant when she told me that since that dress fit me perfectly, I could buy the sample dress at get a discount
  • Put a down payment on the dress
  • Happy Danced
  • Invited Fiance's Mom up for dinner
  • Went to meet with a hair stylist that is going to do our hair and makeup for an awesome price
  • Went home and took a nap
  • Woke up and waited for Fiance and his mom
  • Ate dinner
  • Drove the 2 miles to the Waterfall Inn to show off our venue
  • Everyone loved it!
  • Woke up to Fiance making strawberry and whipped cream pancakes
  • Met Dad at venue
  • Signed contract
  • Watched Dad write out a deposit check
  • Did another Happy Dance
  • Made it official that we will marry on May 12, 2012.
It was a great weekend.


lyndylou said...

I am so so happy for you my friend :) Everything is coming together...yay!

Bubbles said...

Its all moving so quickly but thats great as hopefully it means you have less to stress about around the time.

Bouncin' Barb said...

JM I'm so happy for you. Sounds like you are way ahead of the game and that's great. May 12th is the special day I wrote about recently. The day I met Rich and it changed my life forever. I am so happy that you will share that special date too. Hugs.

Jumble Mash said...

@Lyndy- Thank you so much!

@Bubbles- I'm definitely stressing less already!

@Barb- Aw that is so cool! Hopefully its good luck!

steph c said...

Again, so impressed with how on top of it you are. And that's so exciting that you already found a dress!!! Congrats!

Thisisme. said...

My goodness, you have been busy! You're almost ready to go now, never mind about waiting until next May!! Glad that it's all falling into place for you.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Great that you found the dress and managed to get it at discount....yah

Have to say you had a busy weekend but planning a wedding can be like that.

I wore my aunts wedding dress as there was no way we could afford to buy one the whole wedding was done as cheap as possable..........a trend that runs in our family.

On My Soapbox said...

Yay for the dress discount! That is fantastic! I'm impressed that you've planned so much so far in advance. You are certainly one smart cookie for doing so. :-)